Grupo Gof

Grupo Gof is a family business, the capital is controlled by the Gómez Bueno family and two of its members are part of the managing team.

The origin of Grupo Gof is the trading of commodities for animal feed (PPNOR), and expanded his business in the eighties with port operation logistics (COBASA GRUPO LOGISTICO). Already in the current century the group set an IT company (NORTIC) for the development of software applications closely related to the two prior activities; besides, the group designed, built and run the most efficient, hygienic and environmentally respectful terminal form agri-bulk commodities (TASA), and by means of innovations and dramatic automation (HTV), Grupo Gof has entered safety improvement and cost avoidance market regarding the handling of pieces weighing between 5 and 30 tm/unit.

Welcome to Grupo GOF !

Our Values


We hold a continuous attitude towards customer service, that becomes a reality by means of building up sustainable relationships based on transparency and trust.


We aim at building a long-term sustainable and profitable business ,  by means of a strong focus on achievement and an intensive commercial action.


We practice fairness, not only in the development of personnel policies based on fairness and assessment, but also in the remuneration of the shareholder, as a tool for financial sustainability.


We develop a continuous improvement plan, which translates into a constant revision of our processes and in an adding value process in our operations with clients and suppliers. New lines of business are developed  whenever it’s needed  in order to achieve that goal.


We invest in the development of highly committed policies regarding environmental care, feed and food safety and society, that help grow distinction and reliability among clients and consumers.


We promote our team’s commitment with our objectives and values by means of effective recruitment, development and reward policies.


We develop our professional activity from the respect towards each one of our team members and their roles within the organization.


We assume the innovation regarding processes, products and business models as an essential axis of our competitive strategy.


In our quest for the highest operational efficiency, we apply a strict policy of adjustment in costs and integrate state of the art technological solutions to optimize processes and assign our human resources to the most valuable functions.

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